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9007 Led Replacement Car Headlight Bulbs Supplier Wholesale

Product Specification:

  • Bulb size F2-9007
  • Wattage 36W
  • Input voltage 8-32V DC
  • Color temperature 6000K
  • Lumen Output 3600 Lumen Per Bulb
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Brightness and Illumination

Custom-made Cree Technology, based on Cree XD14 technology, this custom designed LED chip has no light gap between diodes which gives it a closer function compared to the original filament bulb. This design achieves a greater beam pattern, clear cutting line and more than 150M range on the high beam.

Beside good beam pattern, this F2 LED headlight has great Illumination:

Illumination=Lux=Condensation=Long range

Compare to other LED kits with average 3370 lux, the F2 kit has 5090Lux long range which enhances 50% brightness than other LED kits. That means it can works best in any headlight or fog light housing.


Excellent cooling

F2 LED headlight adopts the copper PCB board with heat conductivity coefficient up to 40W/m.k which is 5 times than other materials.

Also, the F2 LED headlight bulbs are built from the highest quality 6063 aluminum material originally designed for aircraft and spacecraft applications. This material has amazing heat dissipation qualities as well as is 100% corrosion resistant in automotive applications.

Last but not least, there is High-speed ball micro-fan on the bottom of the heat sink. The ball Fan with lower friction for 10000R/Minute, good performance on Anti-Aging which lifespan up to 5500 hrs can make the heat dissipate fast.

Intelligent temperature controller inside

Operating Temperature -40°~﹢80°


Easy Install

The F2 LED headlight is designed to be as compact as possible. Only 23.5mm for heat sink, low profile enough to fit 95% cars as well as leave enough space for heat dissipation after installation. Also, it got 360 degrees rotated socket for the H4/h7 base to ensure the light pattern horizontal so that come to clear cross line and high brightness.


CANBUS Compliant

The F2 LED driver has CANBUS integration circuit built in, which can solve the flicker, pulse, errors and warnings on the dash. Sometimes an extra PWM module may still be necessary, but this bulb is totally plug and play on the vast majority of vehicles on the road today, even brand new models!

More details about F2 LED headlight bulbs

36 Watts Per Bulb.

3,600 Lumen Per Bulb.

2.50 amps Power Draw at 14VDC Per Bulb.

LED Chips custom designed specifically for this bulb application.

Input voltage: 8-32V DC.

Color temperature: 6,000K.

Aluminum: 6063.

Waterproof: IP 67.


The F2 comes in every popular style to replace any headlight or fog light bulb. Match the bulb number of your original application (example: 9005, 9006, H4, H13, etc...) with the matching F2 LED headlight bulb and replace bulb for bulb. Fits all applications including projectors, and headlights with dust shield covers.


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