Aozoom Dealers

Aozoom is a manufacturer of automotive HID lighting product, we focus on the development of unique products, incorporating the latest LED and optical technology. In China Area, we have more than 2000 individual auto lighting franchise stores, and over 10 overseas country-level distributors. In order to meet the production need of the order, we have built two factory for manufacturing respectively located in Guangzhou Shi and Changzhou Shi. Now there are 200,000 pcs of ballast and 150.000 pcs of headlight projector manufactured each month, which could make sure each order is delivered on time. All products are stocked, based on the sales data accumulated through the years. 24 hours 7 days shipment is achieve on Aozoom.

By directly manufacturing and supplying to over 2000 auto lighting franchise stores, we are able to carefully control product quality. All defective products will be bring back to the workstation. The engineers need to analyze the defective products, identify the causes of the defects, propose optimization solutions, and improve product quality.

Thanks to the help of the dealers and agents, we offer much richer after sale service compared to our competitors. For each of our products, our dealers and agents will report the installation problem they met when retrofitting in the group and all dealers and engineering will tell their experience and suggest their opinions, we find the solution together. For new dealers, we already have the retrofitting knowledge base for you. So, Aozoom is also a large communication platform for hid and led projector retrofitting. We offer the best service and support experience possible.

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