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Basics of Auto Headlights Retrofitting and Upgrading

Whenever I see people planning to upgrade their headlights, but they have no idea where to start, just looking up random info online, the information is massive, everyone has opinions- people who understand and those who don’t understand well. A general car light modification tutorial, which brings together the ideas and experiences of countless car owner, as well as the mistakes that have been stepped on, analyzes the car lights as a whole from a professional point of view, and hopes to be helpful to everyone who plans to upgrade their car headlights or plan to retrofit. I believe you will have a new understanding of car lighting. Guangzhou Aozoom Automobile Lantern Co., Ltd. is located in Huadu District, Guangzhou, China. It is a high -tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. As a German car lighting brand (Aozoom) authorized Chinese manufacturers. The company is ISO9001: 2008 and TS16949: 2016 Quality System Certification Unit. It is a member unit of the Chin...

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Published by adminDec 19,2018

A deep explanation of Halogen, HID, LED, and Laser Headli...

In the current Headlight aftermarket, there are many types of headlight bulbs such as HID bulb, LED bulb are used for retrofitting. Many car owners upgrade their car lights with different headlight bulbs to reach their lighting requirement. Today, we would like to talk about the four important headlight bulb in the headlight history.     Halogen light Before talking about the halogen bulb, we need to know about the incandescent bulb. The incandescent light bulb is an electric light with a wire filament heated to such a high temperature that it glows with visible light, but the lifespan is too short. In order to improve the incandescent bulb durability, people input halogen gas into the bulb, so the halogen bulb comes out. The sublimed tungsten filaments get a chemical reaction with halogens at high temperatures. And then will resolidify on the tungsten filaments to reach a balanced cycle to avoid fracturing. For the result, the halogen bulb life-span takes longer...

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Published by adminSep 21,2018

Four Advantages Prove Bi-Xenon Projector Headlight is Better

Projector has two type: halogen projector and xenon projector. For xenon projector, it can be divided into Xenon projector and bi-xenon projector. In the current aftermarket, people mainly choose to retrofit bi xenon projector headlight for their car. Because it does not only combine the merit of HID bulb but also produce a high brightness. The feature of bi xenon projector include more, such as uniform illumination, strong penetration, no scatted light, wide light beam and so on. It is obvious to see that high end cars (A6, BMW, Benz) all take bi xenon projector headlight in now days. Except the features above of the bi xenon projector headlight, we still sum up the four benefits of bi xenon projector headlights that show as below: Saving space and cost There is a electromagnetic dimming device in the bi xenon projector. The projector can adjust to high beam and low beam automatically. Bi xenon projector headlight can achieve high beam and low beam ...

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Published by adminSep 21,2018

How do Bi-Xenon Projector Work?

In European Road Safe Rules, it stipulates the HID headlight bulb must install with a projector. In projector housing, the lens used is convex lens, whose surface is a shape of a sphere. On its both side of the lens is curved outwards. The purpose of lens is to control light into a small light beam and distributed it evenly. As we all know, projector has two types of performance: xenon projector and bi-xenon projector. Bi-xenon projector, simply said, it can achieve high beam and low on one headlight. In the bi-xenon housing, there is a shield to stop a part of light through the lens when on low beam pattern. A solenoid is the main part of the bi xenon housing; it can control the shield up or down to switch from high beam to low beam. When you operate high beam, with a plenty power situation, the projector solenoid active the “shield” pull down so that it emits full illumination through the lens. While in low beam condition, the shield will rise up to stop th...

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