Published by adminMar 03,2023

What Makes a Great Auto Bi-LED Lens Projector?

Automotive lighting is one of the most important parts of a motor vehicle, in terms of appearance and of active safety systems. Lighting quality is essential at night or in dark places when driving. Good visibility can effectively reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents. It is natural to promote the application of LED in automobile lighting systems because of the unparalleled advantages of LED over other light sources, such as the properties of energy saving, compactness, good reliability, fast reaction, long life-time, good color rendering, and so on. It has been a trend that more and more automobile brands have been adopting LED source in their new models. One of the most typical applications is the front lighting system, including low-beam headlamp and high-beam headlamp. In recent years, researchers and light manufacturers have made continuous breakthroughs and improvements in the application of LEDs in automobile front lighting systems, especially for the low-beam headlamp...

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Published by adminFeb 22,2023

The First Application of New TIR Technology in BI LED Lens

As LED technology developing, Automotive lighting has evolved from a basic functional feature to a unique feature with high value potential. LED technology offers Automotive lighting manufacturers the opportunity to achieve differentiation through lighting design and additional functionality. Especially for exterior and interior lighting, the integration of the latest lighting technologies offers greater design flexibility, greater efficiency and smart functionality. The original automotive lighting system technology is advancing, lighting has developed from a purely functional application with no real added value to a more intelligent application, providing personalize communication and driving assistance; the automotive aftermarket is also choosing the latest LED and Laser technology to develop new aftermarket automotive lighting products, such as LED lenses and laser lenses. Automotive lighting products will continue upgrading along with the development and emerging of new tech...

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Published by adminApr 03,2023

24V truck projector lens brings more light to night-driv...

24V truck projector lens brings more light to night-driving Trucks play a very important role in modern logistics. They can quickly transport goods from one place to another, improve logistics efficiency, save costs for enterprises, and increase transportation benefits.   The driving characteristics of trucks are very different from those of cars, mainly in the following aspects: Large vehicle size: The weight and load capacity of trucks are larger than those of cars. Long driving distance: The driving speed of trucks is relatively low compared to cars. This is partly because of the large inertia of the heavy vehicles, and also due to the need to consider road conditions, traffic, driving safety, and other factors. However, trucks often have to travel long distances, from one city to another, or even from one country to another. Complex driving environment: Truck drivers usually have to drive for long periods of time at night, because traffic is usually smoo...

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Published by adminJan 04,2023

More Business for Car Accessory Shop With Bi-led Lens Pr...

For people who own a car accessory shop, or an online shop, it's important to stay up to date with the latest trends to bring in more business. One trend that is becoming increasingly popular is installing LED or bi-LED headlights- auto headlight upgrade or retrofitting. These Bi-LED headlights are much brighter than traditional headlights and offer lots benefits for drivers. Not only do LED and bi-LED headlights provide better visibility for drivers, but they also use less energy, which is good for the environment. If you're looking for a way to bring more business to your car accessory shop, consider offering and installing LED or bi-LED headlights. If you are already in the car lighting business, you might want to get a Aozoom dealership and start to sell Aozoom LED for more business. Car accessories is a billion-dollar industry with a wide variety of products available to suit all budgets and needs. Whether you are looking for a gift for a car enthusiast or need to replace ...

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