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3.0 Inch Y5 Bi-LED Projector Lens | 68W High Power 8000LM

Product Specification:

  • Model No. Y5 BI LED LENS
  • Order Item No. CLPD-03 pro-02
  • Product size 3.0 INCH
  • Power 60/68W
  • Voltage 12-16V
  • Base Universal
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Model No.: Y5 BI LED LENS

Order Item: # CLPD-03 pro-02

Product Size: 3.0 Inch

Voltage: 12-16V

Base: Universal

Power: 60/68W

Chip Type: Sanan Auto LED Chip

Chip Structure: Dual individual

Power: Driver Built-in

Cooling System: Al body+high speed fan

Color Temperature: 5500K



Y5 Bi-led projector lens is dual reflector cups and 2 chips structure design model, Global Automotive light industry leader manufacturer OEM hit model. Besides professionally design, Y5 model was made under mature, stable and sustainable production process. It has passed IAFT16949 and ISO9001:2015 standard certified. This Y5 bi LED lens must have in your production line and it will be well know model in many automotive retro-fitter markets.



As one of the best performance bi led lens in our series, Y5 lens has more than 400 meters lighting distance and 5-7 time brighter than the original stock headlight. This irradiation distance and high lumen can provide a good driving safety escort for field driving and off-road driving. Also, the low beam and high beam power for Y5 lens is 60W and 68W, to ensure the lens runs with maximum output and longevity in such high power, intelligent temperature control system is essential. Y5 lens use air craft aluminium material on body and copper pipe inside to reduce the heat of chips. Equipped with high-end high-frequency low-noise fan for whole kit heat dissipation.



Beam pattern is the selling part of Y5 bi led lens. Its low beam has a clear cut, well focused hot spot, improving the lighting to be more evenly distributed with out any dark sports or unlit dots. Meanwhile, Y5 lens has the high beam enables a well lit up focus area to make sure the driver's sight is far and bright. enhancing driving safety. Y5 lens combines the advantages of the previous destructive lens, avoids the disadvantages, and integrates a new upgraded model, we highly recommend you if you are in automotive lighting and retrofit business.


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