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ALPF-05 Bi-Led Fog Light Projector Lens

Product Specification:

  • Model No. ALPD-05
  • Base Universal
  • Voltage 12V
  • Power 28/30W
  • Color temperature 3000k/4300K/6000K
  • Power driver Inside
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Structural Features

There are many similar LED fog lamp lens products in the car accessories market, none of which is as unique and attractive as ALPF-05 bi LED fog light projector lens. In order to make the fog lamp kit stand out visually, our designers and engineers applied silver space aluminum material in the appearance design, coupled with smooth integrated shape and unique tail pattern, so that the appearance of the fog light lens presents a fashionable and unique texture.

Fully Upgrade Function

In order to finish its work well in fog, rain, dust and snow weather, ALPF-05 BI LED fog light lens has been upgraded in various performances, including power, lumen and water proof function. High-quality product materials and chips, coupled with mature process technology, the product has a power of low beam 28 watt and high beam 30 watt for far and near light, and a lumen of 4000LM. Also, since the original fog lens is generally in low position of car and close to the ground, waterproof and durable is essential for fog light kit. In order to solve the customer's concern, our ALPF-05 LED fog light lens has specially upgraded its waterproofing level to IP68.

Great Performance

The ALPF-05 led fog kit has perfect beam pattern compare to other yellow fog lens in the industry. Low beam has wide pavement and uniform lighting, and high beam fill light is strong and focus. Besides the beam pattern, this model also has three color temperatures of golden light 3000K, 4300K and 6000K, drivers can switch the color by simple off-on. With these performance, this model can escorts your driving in bad weather, and provides much safer and clearer lighting.

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