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Aozoom A5 3-Inch Bi-Led Projector Headlight Lens | 35 Watt 3600 Lumens

Product Specification:

  • Power 35W
  • Led Beam Type High/Low beam
  • Lifespan Over 30,000 hours
  • Size 3 inch
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The A5 bi led lens is overall an ideal choice for headlight retrofit with its strong light output, performances, and it's easy to handle. No wonder, it becomes one the best seller just months after its launch, and it has received a lot of good feedback and repeated orders from the customer all over the world. It’s a projector you have must in your product range!


Basics about this A5 bi led projector

Size and dimensions:

A5 3-Inch Bi-Led Projector HeadlightA5 3-Inch Bi-Led Projector HeadlightA5 3-Inch Bi-Led Projector HeadlightA5 3-Inch Bi-Led Projector Headlight

Key Features

A5 Bi-led projector is the newest version of the current led projector in Aozoom product line. It is easy to install, which means you do not have to do a lot of cutting to your headlight reflectors, but simply insert the projector throw the existing hole. This bi led projector comes with a mounting shaft with thread, the diameter being 21mm, which allows easy fitting to the existing h4,h7,h11,9005,9006 bulb hole, the length of the shaft is 29mm for a tight grip on the bulb holder.

Available in 2.5 inches and 3.0 inch, A5 bi led lens can meet most headlight retrofit requirements.

A5 3-Inch Bi-Led Projector Headlight

A5 bi led projector lens fit for most cars with H1 H4 H7 H11 9005 9006 halogen or hid xenon bulbs. There are spare parts for both H4 and H7 sockets, which install quickly and easily, you do not have to damage the reflector.

Beam Pattern

The low beam Luminous Flux is 3200LM and the high beam is 3600lm. Below shown is A5 2.5 inch bi led projector headlight low beam and high beam pattern, a clear and centered hotpot is in the middle, while the beam pattern for the low beam is wide, this allows the drivers to see clear and wide, but not bothering other oncoming traffic. The high beam pattern has the same hotspot as the low beam, but higher, this can enable the driver to see far and clear, as the road effect shows. The cutoff is sharp and clear, intense, nice and wide, this gives you tons of useable light output. Also, the edges carry the blue that many people want for their headlights.

A5 3-Inch Bi-Led Projector Headlight


For countries where the standard is LHD (left-hand drive), a projector with a beam pattern compatible with LHD is required. The beam pattern will go up and to the right. In the USA where LHD is the standard, the step in the beam pattern goes up and to the right. In countries like Australia, the UK, and India where the standard is RHD, the beam pattern from the headlights will be lower on the right, higher on the left. On the side of oncoming traffic, your beam will be lower so you don’t blind them. On the side directly in front of your car, your headlight beam will shine further down the road. As can be seen from the list below, most of the countries are LHD,so is A5 bi led projector lens. But RHD lens can be manufactured if you are from an RHD country, the process is simple-the Change of the shield inside the projector lens.

A5 3-Inch Bi-Led Projector Headlight


All Aozoom bi-xenon projector products have to go through 3 hours 50000 times high low switch test to make sure the quality is on the top of the line. Automotive headlight retrofit is a labor process; it takes hours to open the headlight assembly, such as heating up, cutting, trimming, so any reprocessing after lens installed will frustrating and tiresome. Absolute quality reliability is definitely of the top priority besides satisfying road performance.  


A 3 years warranty is offered for the A5 bi led projectors. And a series of quality control takes place in the manufacturing process.


The blow measures and test are taken to guarantee that each and every product is up to the highest standard:

  • Component and device selection and quality control technologies
  • Electronic product practical reliability design and testing technologies
  • Failure analysis technique and classic cases of electronic components and devices
  • Electronic assembly process quality reliability
  • Analysis and implementation of GJB151B and 1389
  • EMC requirements and testing
  • Vibration test
  • Sand and dust test
  • Salt spray test
  • Packaging and transportation experiment
  • Mechanical impact test

Customers are welcome to require test reports and data.

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