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D1S Replacement HID Ballast: Aozoom ABO-01

Product Specification:

  • Power AC 35W
  • Input Voltage 9-16V
  • Starting Current 7A
  • Rated Current 3.2A
  • Output Lumens 3200LM - 4000LM
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This ABO D1S replacement hid ballast is designed to meet/exceed all OE specifications and will be a direct replacement for the factory unit. It is not OEM but fits and functions identically for a fraction of the price!



The D1S HID ballast is designed to replace the broken OEM D1S ballast and perfectly work brands D1S HID bulb on the most European vehicles. For many retrofitters, if you pick a D1S bi-xenon projector and are selecting a hid ballast, our ABO D1S hid ballast could be your top choice, it has the functions identically to OEM one just for a fraction of the price!

02 - D1S Replacement HID Ballast: Aozoom ABO-01


The Advanced

  • Housing the Japan SANKEN IGBT Chips exclusive for Automotive, AOZOOM ABO ballast is excellent on the constant performance, high work efficiency and impact resistance. In the whole circuit design, the work efficiency of ABO ballast can reach 92%.
  • The ABO series ballast has the featured of rapid start function, which could reach steady state flux 80% in 2 seconds, and 100% flux in 3 seconds, providing around 3200 lumens on a quality 4300K Bulb. It accepts a 9-16V range for input and will power all HID bulbs with industry-standard AMP connectors.
  • The circuit board is fully sealed by superior AB glue. It is shockproof, waterproof and high-pressure resistant.
  • AOZOOM ABO D1S replacement hid ballast presents a open-circuit fault protection for the output current. If the HID bulb went out suddenly under the open situation, the ABO ballast can light up the bulb quickly and automatically in 0.1 seconds.



After many years of accumulation in the Asian market, we have made multiple improvements to the product according to the undesirable issues. Now,  the defective rate of AOZOOM ballast can be controlled under 0.3%.  Moreover, the ballast is power with the constant power, no matter how input voltages changes, our ballast can provide output power stably to the HID bulb, making the variation of output power less than 1%, which can extend the working lifespan of ballast and HID. We provide a 3 years quality assurance and after-sales service for the all ballast series products. If the ballast is broken within 3 years, we will replace a new for you.



The anti-electromagnetic interference of AOZOOM ballast follows the S95/54/EC standard, and the waterproof reachs IPX6 standard


Quality Control

AOZOOM has a strict QC standard. All the series ballasts from AOZOOM must be inspected 30 thousand times of stroboscopic detection and aging for 24 hours before shipment. The vibration test, waterproof test (in grade), salt spray test and damage test will be conducted for the sample inspection in proportion from the large cargo. We promise to deliver the best products to our clients.





Technical Parameters

Power: AC 35W

Input Voltage: 9-16V

Starting Current: 7A

Rated Current: 3.2A

Output Lumens: 3200LM - 4000LM

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