8 Ways To Brighten Your Car Headlight

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Automobile headlight is essential for driving at night or in dark environments. It has a long history as automobile itself. A bright headlight with a legit beam pattern and enough light is a must-to-have, while one auto headlight with a good beam pattern and sufficient amount of light output is a good-to-have. Many car users complain the headlight is not as bright enough and their driving at night is made less comfortable with those dim lights, so some car enthusiasts simply want their car headlights look as bright as other vehicles, if not brighter. But do you know there are some comment mistakes to avoid when replacing your car headlight or changing the car headlight bulbs. We will discuss them one by one and hope this can bring more understanding about car headlight lights.

Several Ways For Upgrading Aftermarket Car Lights

1. Replace the existing halogen bulb with higher wattage bulb

1.LED VS Halogen - 8 Ways To Brighten Your Car Headlight

(Caution! It is not recommended) The excessive amount of heat can melt the light cup or cause a short circuit. Halogen lamp is actually a new upgrade of incandescent lamp. Unlike incandescent lamp, it contains halogen bulb vapor such as iodine or bromine, so it is called "halogen lamp". It is also because the bulb contains halogen bulb vapor, which produces dark light tone and very low color temperature, also known as "candle lamp". In addition, the tungsten wire of halogen lamp is tungsten wire, so it is also called "tungsten halogen lamp".

2. Replace a better performing halogen bulb

2.halogen bulb - 8 Ways To Brighten Your Car Headlight

This may work for a short period of time, but halogen bulbs can not last long and the light output is very limited. Halogen bulbs have disadvantages like Low luminous efficiency and high heat; the brightness is relatively low, which is generally out of fashion for current cars, so it is difficult to meet the needs of current drivers. This worst is that the service life of halogen lamp is relatively short. Under normal circumstances, a halogen bulb can last for about 1000 hours at most.

3. Add xenon bulb to reflector headlamp assembly

3.Halogen VS HID VS LED - 8 Ways To Brighten Your Car Headlight

High intensity discharge lamp (HID xenon lamp for short) refers to a high-pressure gas discharge lamp filled with inert gas mixture including xenon inside and without filament of halogen lamp. It can be called metal halide lamp or xenon lamp, which is divided into xenon lamp for automobile and xenon lamp for outdoor lighting. Xenon lamp is also called HID gas discharge headlamp in the field of automobile lamps. High pressure xenon wrapped in quartz tube replaces traditional tungsten wire to provide higher color temperature and more concentrated lighting. As the xenon lamp is a beam of arc light formed by activating xenon with high voltage current, it can continuously discharge light between the two electrodes. The power of ordinary automobile tungsten filament bulb reaches 55 watts, while the xenon lamp only needs 35 watts, reducing nearly 1/2. Xenon lamp can obviously reduce the burden of vehicle power system.

The color temperature of automotive xenon lamps is between 4300K, 6000K, 8000K and other colors such as red, green, purple which is much higher than that of ordinary headlamp bulbs. The light color of 4300K xenon lamp is white and a bit yellow. For Low color temperature light, the penetration is stronger than that of the lamp with high color temperature, which can improve the driving safety at night and in foggy weather.

Xenon lamps have been around at least 20 years. Their advantages are cost-effective time and stability. But disadvantages are many. First, they are slow to start. It takes at least two or three seconds to reach the maximum brightness. Overtaking flash lamps won’t work well, since the slow reaction for the lights to start, and then light failure is relatively serious, The most important thing is that most cars with only reflective bowls will cause serious glaring problems! At night, HID Xenon low beam may look like a high beam for the on-coming traffic and this is a great danger for all road users, since the driver eyes can be blinded with the unfocused and scattering xenon lights.

It is not recommended to install the xenon lights with reflective bowl on the vehicle, because the traditional halogen lamp shade cannot focus light at all, and the light coming out must be scattering. Some cars are equipped with halogen lamps, but the assembly is equipped with lenses, so the light effect is relatively good. Of course, technicians are still required to adjust the focus, because the xenon lamp tube length is different from the halogen lamp. Moreover, the lens of the xenon lamp assembly is different from this halogen lamp lens.

4. Install LED bulb with reflective cup

4.Install LED bulb with reflective cup - 8 Ways To Brighten Your Car Headlight

Same as No.3 poor quality LED or LED with false lighting emitting points, the light output will be very glaring and scattered. The road illumination effect will be poor and this can pose a danger for the road user on the other sides. If not correctly calibrated, LED lights will not produce a good beam pattern. So if you do want to install LED headlights, you need to carefully tune the light bulbs and adjust the position of the Light focus point in the headlight reflector cup.

5. HID Xenon projector Lens

5.HID Xenon projector Lens 2 - 8 Ways To Brighten Your Car Headlight

The automobile lamp lens is a convex lens like a magnifying glass installed in the headlamp assembly. The role of the lens is to focus light, just like a magnifying glass, which can gather light and make it farther; In addition, the angle of light can be limited, otherwise the light will scatter around, affecting other car owners and pedestrians.

Bi xenon lens is a good upgrade solution for headlight retrofitting. Since the lens can project out a focused and even beam pattern. The low beam and high beam is very well shaped with a cut line. The cut line is quite necessary to prevent unnecessary lights for the oncoming traffic. Xenon lens projector upgrade is a great improve for car headlight in terms of light output, reliability and cost-effectiveness. It is still widely used in all auto shops and favored by many car users worldwide. But it is giving its place to Bi-led lens.

6. Mainstream solution-Bi led projector lens

6.Bi LED Lens 1 - 8 Ways To Brighten Your Car Headlight

Bi LED can produce and control the low beam and high beam by the solenoid or Lens dimmer valve. When the shutter/solenoid is closed, it is the lower beam; when the shutter is turned on, it is the high beam lamp; but the light emitting bulb in the lens does not move, and there is no change.

Bi led lens technology has completed the transformation and application of automobile lighting effects, and improved the convenience and convenience of driving at night. Compared with the halogen lamp, the LED has stable output power and longer service life. The output power of the halogen lamp of the original vehicle is usually about 55W-60W, while the output power of the LED is mostly about 35W-45W, which is consistent with the output power of the original vehicle. bi-xenon projector.

The light shape of the lens lamp is the most standardized among all headlight lamps. It can have a particularly clear light and shade cutting line to solve the problem of glaring.

Uniform brightness, strong penetration and small light loss are some merits of Bi led lens compared with the lamp with traditional lamp cap. Bi LED lens have all the benefits of HID xenon lens, but there is more, Bi LED lens are more reliable nowadays. Unlike xenon lens, Bi LED lens projects out a clear and even light beam, without any dark marks or dark spot. This allows the drive to see very clear with a well-lit driving environment. The lifespan of LED reaches as long as 50000 hours. Bi LED lens wins out this auto headlight competition, because the huge improvement for light brightness, beam pattern and light distance. More and more car users are turning to Bi led lens.

Check out for more details on the advantages of Bi LED lens for auto headlight retrofitting.

7. The laser lens

7.Bi Laser Projector lens - 8 Ways To Brighten Your Car Headlight

Laser lens may have the similar look of Bi LED lens, but instead of reflecting light, laser lights can project a focused beam directly-usually designed for the high beam. Some LED lens produce a perfect beam pattern for low beam but the high beam light is not well focused, so this is why the laser lens comes to play a big role. You can see some lens in the market have a eye or two eyes in the lens, that is the laser light beam.

8. Replace the complete headlight assembly

8.Replace the complete headlight assembly - 8 Ways To Brighten Your Car Headlight

Headlamp assembly refers to the lighting system installed at both ends of the vehicle head for driving at night or on the road with dim light, including the whole driving lighting system with lamp housing, fog lamp, turn signal lamp, headlight, line, etc.

Choices are many with headlamp assembly; some of them have ready-installed led projector lens, daytime running light, and halo or angel eyes with it. If the budget is big, more fancy lights can be considered. This is an easy way to upgrade, no hassle invoiced such as opening the headlight assembly or re-sealing it, no trimming the headlight reflector or sanding, cutting wires, but maybe the fun is less compared to do-it-yourself?



The above are common ways to upgrade your car headlight for a better performance. Each one varies with skill level, project complexity and budget. Some car user may want to do a very basic and simple upgrade by just changing the halogen bulb the vehicle already have, while some car owner prefer to have a overhauling of the headlight assembly and want to install the most sophisticated and performing lens or bi-laser lens, or the AFS lighting systems-the Adaptive Front-lighting System.

Each project has its fun and a correct way to do it. When choose a quality parts for your headlight retrofiring products, make sure you use the premium quality parts that are reliable and durable, since the time required to complete the project is usually worth more of the product value. This is some project you certainly do not want to redo after you found parts fail in a short period of time. It is not only frustrating but also cost a big chunk of your time. If you are a auto headlight shop owner, your aftersales cost will be high if the product fail inexpertly in warranty time, this bring unhappy customers and words might spread out that might be damaging for your business. When it comes to Bi led or lighting product or parts, always put quality ahead of price. Or at least use parts that you can trust or product that has a proven work record.

Aozoom Bi LED lens stands out with performance and reliability for headlight retrofitting choice. Over 8000 shop in mainland china and 4000 auto shops overseas are using Aozoom lighting parts or car headlight products for their number 1 choice for headlight retrofitting and upgrade. It has a long proven record. The company has successively obtained more than 20 invention and utility model patents and 23 appearance patents. " AOZOOM "brand has won the honors of" Top 10 Auto Lighting Brands "," Top 5 Auto HID Lighting Brands ", and" Annual Recommended Brands on Pacific Automobile Network ". Through the lean production mode, strong brands and high-quality products, the company is recognized by consumers and customers, and its products are exported to Europe, America, Russia, Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

If you want to know more about the Bi led lens, Bi laser lens or the AFS lens, please subscribe to our email list or simple write a message.



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