AOZOOM Attend Vietnam AutoExpo Hanoi 2018

1,437 Published by admin Sep 21,2018

The 2018 Vietnam AutoExpo held in Hanoi on June 7th. AOZOOM attended this Auto Fair with all series products. It was the second time for AOZOOM to participate in the exhibition. That indicated the AOZOOM products are more in more influence in Southeast Asia. Displaying our products in the center of economy, culture and politics also is the recognition by people for the performance of AOZOOM products.

In this fair, AOZOOM not only displayed all series items but also released our new developed items including the Shine-2 LED, LED Streamer Light, led high-beam projector and bi-LED projector and led interior light. The new series of products had attracted the exhibitors’ attention and we have a deep communication on the product with clients.

After the Auto Fair, the AOZOOM company invited the AOZOOM Vietnam agents to the dinner in Hanoi. In the dinner time, AOZOOM company commented all the agents in Vietnam for their effort in promoting the products and encouraged them to explore the further market with more passion.

AOZOOM succeed in catching the attention and interest for the suppliers with its superiority product in the 2018 TPTA. Although this fair is only for 3 days, AOZOOM had built up a further cooperation relationship by communicating and sharing the experience with clients. We believe it is just a beginning, it is our goal to build a long-term cooperation with clients, and a deep development, a mutual benefits to both of us.

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