Volkswagen Golf 7 Low Beam Headlight Retrofitted to Bi-Xenon

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I usually drive my Volkswagen Golf 7 at night, the factory bulbs didn’t put enough light ahead or to the side. I'm a huge fan of bi-xenon projectors so I started with a set of AOZOOM hid headlight projector. In this thread I will write down the retrofit experience to my vehicle.

My AOZOOM headlight conversion kits include E55-R HID headlight projector, AOZOOM ABO OEM ballast, FBL D1S HID bulbs and some assembly.

I was easy to remove the housings and baked them in the oven for about half an hour.
Disassemble all the parts in the housing: projector, mask, light frame. I was going to mount the AOZOOM bi-xenon projector, drilling a hole in the mask to make the projector fit in the original one. Screw the assembly in its original places.
This is the led strip, mounted to the inside of shroud, cover shroud with plastic wrap to prevent scratch.
Now all is done.

Light beam test. On low beam pattern, it is the E55-R bi-xenon projector. On the hi-beam patter, it is E55-R bi-xenon projector + factory high beam halogen bulbs.

This is the new look of my car,  amazing or not?

Volkswagen Golf 7 Low Beam Headlight Retrofitted to Bi-Xenon The last thing to do is drive my Golf 7 on road and enjoy it.  

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